Wosene Worke Kosrof : Painter/Sculptor

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Other News

Other News

Posted on by Patricia DiRubbo

Bekris Gallery of San Francisco has placed Wosene’s painting “The Inventor II” in the online gallery – VIP Art -.  The painting can be seen at the following link:


Wosene will have three paintings in the online VIP Art Fair that takes place from February 1-17, 2013.


Two new essays on Wosene’s work recently appeared in the following journals:

Kate Cowcher: “WordScapes: Wosene Worke Kosrof.” In: African Arts, Volume 45, Number 4, Winter 2013, pp.86-7. To order the journal, contact: journals-orders@mit.edu.

Christine Mullen Kreamer and Allyson Purpura: “Visual Poetry/Performing Script.” In: Nka: Journal of Contemporary African Art. Volume 31, Fall 2012, pp. 124-140.  To order the journal, contact: dukeupress.edu/nka.

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