Wosene Worke Kosrof : Painter/Sculptor

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Wosene's Paintings in Calgary Gallery

Wosene’s Paintings in Calgary Gallery

Posted on by Patricia DiRubbo

Wosene’s paintings are now in Calgary!  Presented at Design By Brown/The Gallery, Wosene’s recent works – chosen by Lee Brown and The Gallery art director, John Strawn – can be seen throughout the summer.  Brown, a well-known designer, has as his mission “…to combine an artist’s vision with leading industry technology to revolutionize the look and feel of any space.”  Wosene is pleased to have his work presented with Lee’s innovative and elegant interiors.  In late July through the end of August, John Strawn will direct The Gallery, which features many of Wosene’s small and mid-size paintings. John is also the owner of Loft Galeria in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where he had a major exhibition of Wosene’s work in February, 2013.

For more information on Design By Brown/The Gallery: www.designbybrown.ca

To reach Lee Brown or John Strawn, please call 403.606.3464Design by Brown:The Gallery


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