Wosene Worke Kosrof : Painter/Sculptor

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News for 2014-15

News for 2014-15

Posted on by Patricia DiRubbo

In December, 2014, we at Color of Words Inc will begin celebrating our 10th anniversary.  As part of our celebrations, we will continue providing free domestic shipping of our line of prints, catalogs, and scarf.

In November, we will report about Wosene’s upcoming exhibitions in 2015.  Be sure to check back regularly and get updated news on his events.

Beginning this month, October, Wosene’s prints are now available at Kokopelli Gallery in St. Helena, CA.  If you’re traveling in the California wine country, be sure to stop by Kokopelli, meet Steve Hill, and see Wosene’s prints, including his newest print, Color of Words VI.  Also check the Color of Words Shop to see new limited editions we’ve included.

‘Til November!

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