Wosene Worke Kosrof : Painter/Sculptor

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Wosene at Sharjah Museum, United Arab Emirates

Wosene at Sharjah Museum, United Arab Emirates

Posted on by Patricia DiRubbo

Seventeen new and recent paintings from Wosene’s acclaimed series, WordPlay, are featured in a solo exhibition at the Sharjah Museum Calligraphy Biennial, from April 2 – June 2, 2014.  Wosene has been invited to show his works in this prestigious exhibition in the Sharjah Emirate, which has been named the Islamic Cultural Capital of 2014. In addition to exhibiting his works, Wosene will present a slide/lecture during the week-long celebratory events on the development of script images in his four major series: Graffiti Magic, Africa: The New Alphabet, Color of Words, and WordPlay.  He will also present a hands-on workshop on creating compositions using script/word-forms.

This sixth Calligraphy Biennial is presented by the Sharjah Government, Department of Culture and Information, Directorate of Art.

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